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    Description of device functions

    MD 3050

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    MD3050 digital metal detector is based on intelligence processors control. Target image can be indicated with large LCD, it can discriminate different metals or coins. Different metals can be discriminated by 8 distinctive audible tones. It can discriminate iron, copper, aluminium, sliver, gold and coins and also can eliminate ferrous metals. With touch-pad control panel, it is easy to turn on and go operation. MD3050 is RoHS-compliant and carry CE approvals.
    MD3050 can be used for:
    1. Airport, bus station, and harbor electronic checking;
    2. Custom, police, frontier defense, prison, mine and defense department security checking;
    3. It is a convenient facility for treasure-finding, plays will enjoy their treasure-hunting on beach and meadow;
    4. Archaeology, mine, detecting valuable metal and metal well cover.
    1. Different metals can be showed on LCD;
    2. Visual and audible alarm;
    3. 8 distinctive audible tones for different metals(coins);
    4. 4 level adjustable sensitivity control;
    5. Eliminate ferrous metal;
    6. Automatic low voltage alarm, replace battery when information will be appeared on LCD;
    7. Adjustable handles for comfortable use;
    8. Two sized search coils (10inch / 8inch), the big sized search coil is Waterproof;
    9. Output headphone for the operator;
    1. Detection depth:
    50 cents (US): 22cm (10 inch search coil)
    50 cents (US): 15cm (8 inch search coil)
    2. Power supply: 2 pcs of 9V batteries
    3. Current consumption: 20mA (stand by current)
    4. Operation temperature: -10~+50℃
    5. Adjustable handles: 108~133 cm
    6. Size of search head: 8 inch or 10 inch
    7. Weight: 1.5kg (approximate)

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