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    Description of device functions

    Falcon Gold Tracker MD20

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    The Falcon Gold Tracker MD20 is a unique metal detector designed to find gold, even extremely small pieces of gold.

    Built upon the technology of the MD10SP, the MD20 has increased probe sensitivity and the controls have linear enhancements to provide ease and precision of setting. The MD20 has a waterproof probe on a 5 foot cable.

    Threading the cable through the optional handle allows the user to search standing up. Operating at 300 KHz and using High Q components, the Falcon metal detector has superior sensitivity to all other probes.

    To be found with your Falcon, a metal or mineral target must exist in an electrically conductive form and in sufficient concentration. Gold, silver, and other metals are found in such form both in nature and man made objects.

    The Falcon responds to all metals. Its ability to detect and pinpoint small nuggets have given it the label GOLD TRACKER. While the Falcon does not discriminate between metals, it gives separate responses to minerals vs. metals.

    The Falcon may even respond to the electro magnetic
    field of the earth as seen by waving the probe in the air with the sensitivity at maximum. This
    effect will be minimal during normal use. The Falcon is a motion detector and needs to be moved slowly over the target for maximum sensitivity.


    The Falcon probe can be used in the NORMAL mode for
    pinpointing coins, jewelry, relics, or other targets without touching them. Using metal probes to locate targets can damage the surface of the target, the Falcon will not.

    The larger the target the deeper it can be found with the Falcon. Small sounds may indicate a small target near the surface or a large target down deep. Use headphones to hear the small “whimpers” that may yield big rewards. When headphones are plugged in, the speaker is turned off.

    Metal targets buried in the ground for a long time will have an oxidation layer “halo” around them. This layer is electrically conductive with the target and may create a virtual target much larger than the piece of metal creating it. Once the target is dug up the oxidation layer is eliminated.

    Many times small targets are “lost” because the signal becomes too small for the traditional metal detector to sense. The Falcon can help locate those “lost” targets. Remember the Falcon sounds on all metal targets, not just gold.


    AUTOMATIC GROUND BALANCE KNOB: This control provides for coarse sensitivity setting and enables the detector to adjust automatically for changing ground mineralization. See Operating Instructions.

    SENSITIVITY CONTROL KNOB: This control is used to fine tune the Ground Balance control. Adjusting the sensitivity too high may cause unstable operation.
    See Operating Instructions.

    SEARCH PROBE: The probe is a highly efficient shielded search coil. It is much smaller and lighter than conventional search coils and gives ultra sensitivity to tiny objects such as placer deposit, tiny nuggets, and pockets of black sand.

    SENSITIVITY RING: The copper sensitivity ring on the probe is used to increase or decrease the sensitivity and focus. See Modes of Operation.


    Normal Mode
    (Black Band)
    The Copper Sensitivity Ring should be placed behind the black band for normal operation. This setting will allow the sensitivity to be adjusted easier and the unit will be more stable. This mode is recommended for pinpointing coins, jewelry, and relics.

    Enhanced Sensitivity Mode
    (Red Band)

    The Copper Sensitivity Ring may be moved forward to the rear edge of the red band to increase sensitivity. Moving the Copper ring beyond the red band will result in unstable operation and continuous sounding.

    Note, in this mode the probe will be more susceptible to interference and may need occasional readjustment of the sensitivity knob. This mode is generally preferred for detecting tiny specs of gold.


    TYPE: All Metal Motion Detector
    DIMENSIONS: 1.75” x 3.25”x 5.5”
    WEIGHT: 12 oz
    PROBE: Waterproof probe on 5 foot cable.
    BATTERIES: 2 9-volt alkaline
    BATTERY LIFE: 40 to 50 hours
    TARGET ALERT: Built in speaker and headphone jack.
    Note: when using headphones speaker is disabled.
    CONTROLS: Ground Balance and Sensitivity
    ACCESSORIES : (optional)

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    More info: Falcon Metal Detectors


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